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Sportsman's Hernia

Sportsman's Hernia

Sportsman's hernias occur after tears in the oblique muscles in the groin area due to excessive strain. Unlike normal hernias, there is usually no visible swelling in the groin. Therefore, its diagnosis is difficult.

How is the Diagnosis Made?

Although soft tissue ultrasound, MRI and computed tomography are used as auxiliary methods other than the examination, it is often difficult to diagnose. Because it is often small, hernia may not be detected in examinations. On the other hand, it is not easy to distinguish the cause of the pain, as "osteitis pubis" is often the subject of athletes. 5-10% of athletes complain of chronic pain in the groin area.

TREATMENT IS SURGERY: Hernia repair should be done by laparoscopic or open method.

Post-operative Recovery

A rehabilitation program lasting 6 - 9 weeks after the operation is applied.

Summary of the Rehabilitation Program

Week 1: Isometric abdominal and hip movements, walking exercises that can continue for 5 minutes more than the previous day; ladder exercises,

Week 2: Active hip exercises, cycling exercises;

3rd week: Flexibility exercises, hip movements with elastic band, horizontal and oblique abdominal muscle exercises, jogging and swimming.

4th week: Running, working exercises with light weights for upper muscle groups;

5th week: Fast running, light training with the ball, shooting practice, gradual return to training;

Week 6: Full training and return to matches

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